Get Ready for Summer with A/C Maintenance

We all look forward to Summer. With warmer weather and some time off work, keeping your home cool enough for comfort is also important. There is nothing worse than an air conditioning fault just when the temperatures rise. Then waiting for someone to come and fix things as you wilt in the heat. But it doesn’t have to be like that. By being pro-active and keeping your A/C system well maintained, you can enjoy the summer worry free, knowing your system is up to the job when you need it. Instead of waiting until you are relying on your air conditioning, get it serviced early and be ready for Summer. AirTherm Service Company can provide a yearly maintenance schedule for your air conditioning to make sure it’s ready for the summer heatwave, giving you several benefits.


With this maintenance schedule, we fully inspect the system, inspect and clean dirty coils, charge systems when needed. We also recharge coils and replace any worn parts before they fail. What this means is that you have a more reliable system. Why wait for things to fail when you can repair it beforehand and keep everything running smoothly?


That is not the only benefit. With the system regularly maintained, everything is kept running as it should. This means more efficiently, with results in lower utility bills for you! For a long, hot Summer this can be an important saving.
Longer Life for your A/C

Finally, with a yearly schedule, any problems are dealt with before they become significant. This can extend the life of your air conditioning unit as well, helping it last a lot more summers than you would expect.

Our A/C professionals will look after your system with care, get your yearly maintenance scheduled today.