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Allow us to be your pro air conditioning installation contractors and take care of any air conditioning needs you could possibly have quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to prevent you from ever going without cool air during the heat of summer. We are the air conditioning installation contractors in Spring, TX, that provide the brand new AC systems you need to live more comfortably and reduce the cost of cooling your home. This saves you money while simultaneously helping the environment. AirTherm Service Company sells, replaces, and installs the latest makes and models that the industry has to offer. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for upgrading your home to the latest technology in air conditioning.

The Benefits of Central A/C

When you get tired of your old, outdated window air conditioning unit, the time is right to give us a call for a more dependable, modern AC system. Central air conditioning is an excellent way to improve the evenness of the cooling in your home while improving the quality of your indoor air. Our AC installation service is aimed at improving the way you cool your home. We provide a comprehensive inspection in order to determine what type of AC is right for your individual situation. Call us today to improve the comfort of your home quickly and affordably.

Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your building to determine the best AC setup for you.

We are proud to serve Spring, TX, The Woodlands, TX Conroe, Tx and the surrounding area.

Important Service Info Freon:

We provide both R-22 and R-410A charges

  • R-22 cost: $99 per lb
  • R-410A cost: $50 per lb


$79 includes labs for 30 minutes.
Check ups and Tune ups: $74 first visit. $25 each follow up.
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