Residential Heating

Residential HeatingEfficient, effective heating is a huge part of being comfortable in your home, and at Steele Air Conditioning & Heating, we consider it an important part of our business. With high-efficiency gas furnaces and dual-purpose heat pumps, we have a full range of great heating products to keep you warm throughout the winter. Even in Southeast Texas, you need a heating system to keep your family comfortable and warm, and we’re here to give you exactly what you need. We’re proud to be one of the area’s top heating contractors.

Heating Sales and Installation

No two homes are alike, and no two homes have the same heating needs. We start every installation project with a full heat loss calculation; by taking into account the heat your home loses through the doors, windows, walls and roof, we’ll determine exactly how much heating you need. Then, we’ll work with you to pick out a furnace or heat pump that meets those needs. We offer furnaces in all sorts of configurations, including both upflow and downflow, to suit the configuration of your home.

Once we have the right system for you, our technicians will work tirelessly to complete the installation as efficiently as possible. We make sure everything we install meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications along with state and local codes, and as far as we’re concerned, those regulations are our minimum standards.

Heating Maintenance and Repair

During the winter, your heater isn’t just a source of comfort; it protects your family from the cold. If your furnace won’t start in mid-January or shuts down in the middle of a February night, we’re ready to step in and provide the repair. Because we travel in trucks well-equipped with parts and equipment, we can finish most service calls in a single visit. Just let us know, and we’ll be there as soon as possible, ready to identify the issue, quote you a price and keep your family safe.

While we’re more than ready to take care of heating issues when they arise, we believe the best approach is always prevention. During an annual maintenance visit, we’ll carefully inspect your furnace or heat pump and fix any small, emerging issues before they become big problems, thereby preventing expensive repairs down the road. What’s more, we’ll make the small calibration adjustments needed to improve energy efficiency. In other words, you’ll save money today on fuel and even more money tomorrow on repair and replacement.

Local Heating Experts

We’ve been serving the north Houston area for decades, and we’re proud to be among the area’s finest heating contractors. Most of our technicians hold NATE certification, which marks them as some of the best in the business. We know how important heat is to your family, and we strive to provide dependable, professional, affordable service year after year.

Important Service Info


We provide both R-22 and R-410A charges

  • R-22 cost: $75 per lb
  • R-410A cost: $35 per lb

Diagnostics: $74 includes labs for 30 minutes.

Check ups and Tune ups: $74 first visit. $25 each follow up.

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